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Our patients speak...

“After my cervical laminectomy in 1974, I suffered from frequent episodes of right neck and arm pain for 30 years. I was treated by a variety of physical therapists, chiropractors, and neurologists, all with temporary or partial relief. The symptoms were annoying or disabling for as little as two days to as much as three months.  I was referred to Dr. Surasky by another physician who was familiar with his high success rate with chronic pain problems. Within a week after my first visit to Dr. Surasky the symptoms abated permanently. I have had two or three days of mild neck pain which have always responded to the procedures he instructed me to do at home. I see the doctor once a month for a maintenance call. I now enjoy freedom from the constant fear of pain and disability. I no longer take pills or injections. My life has improved immeasurably. I thank Dr. Surasky every time I visit the office.” Alan N. Rachleff, M.D., Anesthesiologist

I have been a patient of Dr. Surasky's since September, 2004. My Physical Medicine Specialist had recommended that I have him treat me for my mid/low back pain. I was diagnosed with a large herniated disc at L5/S1 with an annular tear at L4/5 in my back in October, 2001. This occurred at my job as a physical therapist in a nursing home. I had a gamut of treatments that included physical therapy, acupuncture, epidural injections, and chiropractic care from others. They all helped somewhat but not enough to return me to most of my prior recreational/everyday activities before my injury. When I first came into Dr. Surasky's office on September 1, 2004, I was skeptical because chiropractors of the past had not helped me to the point that I had felt a significant difference. I was extremely impressed by the extensive examination I had received from Dr. Surasky as well as the conference with him thereafter to discuss his findings. He told me I would be re-examined every 6 weeks and that the treatment frequency would be adjusted accordingly. He said I would feel a significant improvement and return to all or most of my prior activities by 6 months. Well, let the truth be told. I am over the 6 month mark and back to all of my prior activities and am feeling great. I hike, bicycle ride, swim, and go to the gym 3 days a week without pain. I am still receiving treatments but am now on a maintenance schedule once every other week. Dr. Surasky gave me my life back. He enabled me to get back to the things I enjoy; even little things like driving my car. I owe deep gratitude to Dr. Surasky and his staff for their sincere care and interest in getting me well again. I would highly recommend him without reservation.” Alicia V., physical therapist

“They were really concerned, and I felt like they really listened and believed me when I described my pain.”  R.D., private secretary

“This note is to thank you for all of your help after my accident. Besides being a great chiropractor, you are extremely caring and compassionate. You are very comforting and easy to talk to. I was in a lot of pain when I was first seen by you. You assured me that everything would be okay. Thanks again! Jill K., Housewife and Mom

“Last year I came to Dr. Surasky with back trouble after an accident. I did not expect it but my migraine headaches went away and they don’t seem to be coming back.” R.C., housewife and homemaker

 “I have probably been treated by over 10 different chiropractors on a regular basis (I’m 39 now) over the years, and I think I can say without reservation, that Dr. Scott Surasky is the most knowledgeable, capable chiropractor I’ve ever met.” M.M., trial attorney

“ I hope I never have this experience again. If I do, I hope I have Dr. Surasky in my corner. Without him I would not have come this far.”  J.O., building and grounds keeper

“My regular doctor gave me pills to take and for two months I tried them. They did absolutely no good, so I came to Dr. Surasky. Within a couple of weeks I was feeling better.”  W.C., grandfather

“As you know, I came to you suffering with an acute back and arm injury after an automobile accident. Unable to work or sleep in bed for several weeks, your care brought me to a new level of comfort that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.” 

L.K., assistant principal

“Thanks to you…  Still playing lots of golf and tennis, riding my bike, walking, etc.!  You’re the best!”  T.R., retiree

“Dr. Surasky was the only one who pinpointed the cause of my pain and undertook the correct treatment.”  E.B., active grandmother

“I knew what to call it – sciatica, or a pinched nerve – but not how to cure it. It meant agonizing, burning pain from my hip to my foot which prevented me from walking more than a block or so as well as from sitting or sleeping comfortably. All I could do was lie flat on the floor like a crushed bug. From the very first I was impressed not only with his physical plant but also with his staff, which seemed exceptionally pleasant and helpful. I had seen other chiropractors in the past who took a history and manipulated my back but Dr. Surasky went further beginning with x-rays, a discussion of dietary supplements for healthy bones and joints, and special moist heat therapy all as a prelude to the manipulation that over a period of weeks relieved my pain completely. He then prescribed a set of exercises that helped me to maintain my recovery. It seemed like a miracle.”  F.T., retiree

“Dear Dr. Scott…. WOW!!!  1) Museum Exhibit “Ashes & Snow”   2) Sushi   3) Walking & more walking   4) All because of you!! Thank you for making my mom’s birthday so special. You are terrific. Denise B. Gellis, grateful daughter

“Hi, Doctor Surasky, Giver of Life…. On my 81st birthday I only felt it in my heart to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me…. For me to start enjoying life again – you gave me hope – you sustained me – When I started you promised to make me whole again – you kept your promise. One has to be lucky to meet someone so capable – so caring – so giving and most of all so very honest. When I see you my heart soars with joy because I seem to absorb your wholesome energy making me healthy – Life is good because you make it so- may you and yours enjoy the very best of health and a very long life.” Elvira Gellis  

“For many years, I have been a 4 times per week attendee at a gym and participated in aerobics classes, and general aerobic and strengthening activities. Aside from occasional aches which did not interfere with day to day activities, I had never experienced any back pain. In early February, 2008, I felt a sharp pain in my left lower back, which extended to my hip and thigh. The pain was sufficiently severe that I could not stand or walk for more than a few seconds. I initially saw an orthopedist who referred me to a neurologist, who agreed to see me in his office at 9:30 pm that evening. 

The following morning I had an MRI which indicated a herniated disc between L4 and L5. The neurologist prescribed a regimen of prednisone over a 13 day period. It helped to the extent that I was able to drag my leg and sit comfortably but I could not walk more than a few hundred feet or stand for more than a half minute without out extreme pain. The neurologist then referred me to a pain management specialist but I was not able to receive injections and not particularly to mask the symptoms rather than resolve the problem. I also went to physical therapy which provided no significant relief and I felt was actually exacerbating the problem. 

I had heard about spinal decompression from acquaintances who had had success with these treatments and I contacted my neurologist to get his opinion. He recommended me to Dr. Scott Surasky with the admonition that he was the only chiropractor he trusted with his patients. 

I had never been to a chiropractor and was quite skeptical but decided to take a chance since my only other option was surgery, which I found to be far less than satisfactory from some people I knew who were treated surgically for a similar condition.

Dr. Surasky spent a good deal of time with me and was very thorough in his examination. To be honest, much more thorough than my neurologist. He took time to listen to my complaints and explained the procedure in depth. He felt that he could resolve the problem and I could return to my activities which are most important to my well being and way of life.   

He recommended 4 treatments per week, 20 treatments in all. His staff was very supportive and very insistent that I maintain the 4 times per week schedule, when I was inclined to skip a treatment here and there. I am employed and every effort was made by his staff to accommodate my schedule and most important to me, I was taken on time – a novel experience with doctors’ offices.

During the early phases of treatment I felt some improvement but remained skeptical as it just wasn’t happening fast enough for my “get it done now” personality. About the end of the 15th treatment, I had a complete turn around. The pain had subsided and I was able to walk, stand, and do everything but my gym activities, which he would not allow me to do yet. 

I am in maintenance now and back to the gym following Dr. Surasky’s guidance. I maintain a sensible schedule that he prescribed along with some specific exercises. At this stage, I am close to where I was before the injury and feel that I probably could have been all the way back except I remember the pain and do not deviate from his recommended schedule. 

Dr. Surasky talks with me after every session with regard to my progress and I am very appreciative for his professional skills and demeanor which have helped me through an experience which I never had before and never want to have again. 

My appreciation extends as well to his staff and I have recommended several other people to him who have gone the surgical route with less than satisfactory results. In addition to my personal experience, my conversations with his patients have demonstrated to me that his expertise in administering this wonderful procedure has provided the same immeasurable help and assistance to others as it has for me.”       

William Cohn, attorney, active gym member.